Junior High School BAND (Grade 7-8)

Junior High School Band Scales

2023 CBDA Junior High School Honor Band Etude List

High School BAND (Grade 9-12)

High School Band Scales (English Horn solo also found here)

2023 CBDA High School All-State Honor Band Etude List


Errata for HS and JH

If you have an addition to add to this list, please contact Susan Willmering

The audition system will open on September 1, 2022 with an upload deadline of 11:59 PM on December 1, 2022.


Junior High School JAZZ BAND (Grade 7-8)

2023 CAJ/CBDA JH All-State Honor Jazz Band Etudes

High School JAZZ BAND (Grade 9-12)

2023 CAJ/CBDA HS All-State Honor Jazz Band Etudes

Please visit for 2023 HS All-State Vocal Jazz Audition Materials

Director Instructions

Recording Instructions

How not to get DISQUALIFIED…

The following are reasons CBDA will disqualify an audition while judging for the All-State Honor Groups:

  1. Talking or coaching is heard during the recording
  2. Digitally altering a recording (ex: the use of auto-tuning, etc.)
  3. Wrong solo or excerpt is played
  4. Wrong scales are played
  5. Solo is missing sections requested
  6. A metronome is heard during the scales or solo
  7. Track/Recording Blank

CBDA is not looking to disqualify any applicant, but each must follow these guidelines.  Last year we saw an overwhelming number of applicants be disqualified over these 7 reasons.

Please double-check that you are following CBDA’s required excerpts and scales for the current year.  Some solos have changed from the past rotation.

Additional Information

California currently offers the opportunity to audition and participate in 17 All-State Ensembles.  Collaboratively, CBDA, CODA, CCDA, and CAJ offer:

2 Junior High All-State Honor String Orchestras (Grades 7-8)

2 Junior High All-State Honor Bands (Grades 7-8)

1 Junior High All-State Jazz Band (Grade 7-8)

1 High School SMALL SCHOOLS Band *NEW for 2023, CBDA is presenting the first annual “Small Schools Band”. This ensemble will also be premiering a NEW piece as part of the Social Impact Consortium! 

3 High School All-State Honor Bands (Grades 9-12)

1 High School All-State Honor Jazz Band (Grades 9-12)

1 High School All-State Honor String Orchestra (Grades 9-12)

1 High School All-State Honor Full Orchestra (Grade 9-12)

CAJ also offers a HS All-State Honor Jazz Choir (Grade 9-12)

CCDA offers 4 All-State Choirs

  • Junior High SATB
  • High School SSAA
  • High School SATB
  • High School TTBB

All of these ensembles will participate in the California All-State Music Education Conference February 15-19, 2023.

CBDA administers woodwind, brass, percussion, and strings for the All-State Band and Orchestra auditions.

The All-State HS Orchestras rehearsals and performances take place during the same time as the All-State High School Honor Bands. All woodwind, brass, and percussion students submitting auditions will be asked to choose from three options:

  1. “I am auditioning for either All-State Honor Band or the All-State Honor Orchestra.”
  2. “I am only auditioning for All-State Honor Band.”
  3. “I am only auditioning for All-State Honor Orchestra.”

Saxophone and Euphonium auditions are considered for band only. There are no winds and percussion in the All-State Junior High Orchestras.

All string players audition by visiting CODA and following the instructions on that website.