Frequently Asked Questions

Who may submit an audition?

  1. Students with an instrumental music program at their school:
    a) Auditions must be submitted by the school director.
    b) The director must include all fees in one payment and obtain the four required signatures on each student application.
    c) The student must be in their school program to be eligible to audition.
  2. Students with no instrumental music program at their school:
    a) Private Instructor or parent must join as an Associate Member.
    b) All fees must be paid.  These include the membership dues, the school fee, and the student fee.
    c) Parent must obtain the four required signatures.  The private instructor or parent may sign as the director.
    d) A letter on school letterhead, signed by the school principal, confirming that there is no instrumental music program at the school must be included with the All-State Application.
  3. Home school students:  
    a) Parents must join CBDA as an Associate Member.
    b) All fees must be paid.  These include the membership dues, the school fee, and the student fee.
    c) The parent will sign as the Director, Principal and Parent.
    d) Proof of home school enrollment must be submitted with the All-State Application.

What organization do I (the director) have to be a member of in order to participate?

You must be a member of CBDA to submit wind or percussion auditions for All-State. You must be a member of CAJ to submit jazz auditions for All-State.  You must be a member of CODA to submit string auditions.

Is there an application/submission deadline?

All auditions must be uploaded, approved, and submitted for judging by the director by 11:59 PM on Dec 1, 2020.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  All paperwork/and non-refundable payments must be postmarked (or emailed BY THE DIRECTOR) by Dec 1, 2020.  If your postmark is Dec 2, 2020 or later, your packet will be returned unopened.

When are results posted?

Results will be posted during the first or second week of January (usually after January 6)

When and where does All-State take place?

The 2021 All-State will take place at the California All-State Music Education Conference in Fresno on February 17-21.   All-State Jazz ensemble participants will arrive Wednesday, February 17 and will perform in a concert on Friday evening, February 19.  All-State Concert Band and Orchestra participants will arrive Thursday, February 18 and will perform in a concert either Saturday, February 20 or Sunday, February 21, depending on their audition results.  The conference takes place at many venues in downtown Fresno, including the Fresno Convention Center and William Saroyan Theatre.   The All-State Ensembles will be performing at the William Saroyan Theatre.

How much does it cost to participate?

If you are a junior high or high school student who is selected to participate in our All-State ensembles, there is a non-refundable participation fee of $475 that includes the cost of master classes, conductors, music purchase, equipment transportation, hotel, meals, etc. while at the conference.  This fee is due in mid-January. Other costs are as follows:

  • Application Fee for Students (non-refundable) – $55.00 per audition (fee waived for certain double-auditions.  See application)
  • Director Membership (non-refundable) – $50.00 ($25.00 Retired; $10.00 College Student)
  • School Fee, if sending students to audition for honor ensembles (non-refundable) – $55.00

Other optional costs for directors and other adults attending the conference are as follows:

  • Conference Registration – $195.00 for Active Members; $340 for non-members; $35.00 for Retired Members; $25.00 for College Students
  • Conference registration is non-refundable after January 1.
  • CBDA Banquet – $55.00

What if I can’t afford the participation fee?

Contact your school’s booster program, your school, your district, or community organizations like Optimists, Lions, Elks, etc.  Many of these organizations are willing to help students that have earned a place in an honor program.

Where do I mail the paperwork and payment?

2417 N 11th Ave
Hanford, CA 93230

Do not mail the paperwork using any method that requires a signature.  There is no one available during the day to sign for it and it will delay delivery.

Questions?  Please email Trish Adams at