2023 – “I Am Enough”

2023 – World Premier by All-State Small Schools Band (Conducted by Dr. Peter Boonshaft) –  Saturday, February 18th


ComposerMarie Douglas

Title: “I Am Enough” Suite

Difficulty: Grade 2.5

Ensemble: Wind Band Length: 6 min.
Form: 3 – Movement Suite
Buy-In: $150 (due December 1st, 2022) *CASMEC 2023 attendees will be able to pick up their score and part to  “I Am Enough” at the CBDA Booth in the exhibit hall. Don’t miss these rehearsals! All consortium members may perform their premiere piece following this date. Publisher: Murphy Music Press Description:
The “I Am Enough” Suite is a work for grade 2.5-3 scored for wind band. The suite occurs over knockoff rolex datejust rolex calibre 2836 2813 116203csj mens hands and markers two tone three two minute movements. Each movement will be named after a fictional teen who suffers with either anxiety, depression, and/or bullying. The movements will each sonically chronicle a short event of emotional and mental turmoil that teens who struggle with the aforementioned may experience in their lives. The movements will each have a short fictional story for performing students and conductors to be able read and internet relate to the victims. See below for example:
Jace x Anxiety “Oh God. I didn’t hear my alarm clock go off!”  Am I late?”  “I can NOT be late!!” 
”OMG, it’s so hot suddenly!!”….”Okay, I need to calm down!”, I closed my eyes and sank down with my back to the wall and remembered the affirmations my great aunt taught me. I began to say them aloud,  “I Can Only Do So Much”, “It’s Okay To Cut Myself Some Slack”, “I Am At Peace”, “I Have Calm”, “I Do Not Need To Worry”, “I Am Allowed To Be Happy And To Feel Good About Myself”, “Not Everyone Has To Like Me”, “I Am Fine Just The Way I Am”, “I Can Take Life At My Own Pace, I Don’t Have To Rush”, “My Mistakes Don’t Define Me, Everyone Makes Mistakes”, “I Am In Charge Of How I Feel And I Feel To Choose Happiness!”, “I AM ENOUGH!”
Soon, peace and calm returned to me with a warm embrace. And get this, I eventually went to check my phone just to find out that it’s actually Saturday morning…” – Jace