CBDA Social Justice Consortium

As educators, we are privileged to welcome students into our classroom regardless of their race, religion, socio-economic status, sexuality, or gender identity. We are also fortunate to teach alongside amazing educators that reflect that same diversity we see in our classrooms. All students and educators have our full love and support during this transformative moment in history, and the CBDA Board stands in solidarity with our Black students, educators, and families in their battle for justice, equality, and equity. Black Lives Matter.

The lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have been added to a long list of Black lives that have been unjustly and tragically taken. They were once students, and we as educators, want our students to know that we stand together against racism, hatred, and bigotry in all its forms. As educators, we have the unique opportunity and important task of ensuring that all of our students know that they matter, that they are valued, and that they are capable of enacting great change in the world. We choose not to be silent, but we also recognize that our words are not enough. The CBDA Board has decided to follow our words with action. The discussion of systemic racism must evolve beyond this moment in history, and as music educators we want to provide an opportunity for that difficult discussion to occur in our rehearsal rooms.

Consortium Summary:

CBDA is organizing a consortium to commission two pieces, one for High School Band (Grade 4), and one for Junior High School Band (Grade 3). We want these two pieces to help tell the story of social injustice within our nation. We are honored to work with Composers Kevin Day (HS) and Katahj Copley (JHS) in the creation of these two works. Along with these two compositions, the published copies will come with lesson plans, discussion topics, and resources to help guide conversations about social injustice while preparing this music for performance. We see the value and need in keeping the discussion ongoing in our classrooms and rehearsal rooms and hope you will join us in this endeavor to support this movement.

Consortium contributors can participate in the commissioning of the High School Band Piece ($200), Junior High Band Piece ($150), or both ($350). Each member of the consortium will receive the following:

  • Inclusion of the name of the school/organization and/or director in the published score
  • One published hard copy set of the work (after all-state premiere)
  • All learning resources, lesson plans, and discussion topics to accompany that work/works

Consortium Membership will be available until September 30, 2021.

Learn more about the CBDA Social Injustice Consortium Project

Current Consortium Members:

Ryan Dirlam, Director of Bands at Matilda Torres HS, Madera, CA | Vanguard Music and Performing Arts | San Ramon Valley High School | South Pointe Middle School | Sierra Pacific HS Music Boosters, Jeff Detlefsen – Director | Homestead High School | James C. Enochs High School | Jennifer Powers | Palo Alto High School | Palm Desert Charter Middle School | Sadie Queally-Sammut | Sacred Heart Preparatory | Northern California Band Association – NCBA | Thomas S. Hart Middle School, Sarah McClimon and Andrew Lu, conductors | Exeter Union High School Music | Jacqueline Hairston-Silva | Cottonwood Creek K-8 School | Ms. Ashley Shine – Director of Bands at Weaver Middle School – Merced, CA | Fremont High School Instrumental Music | Campolindo High School | Santa Cruz HS, Cardinal Regiment, Christina Latham – Director | Gale Ranch Middle School, Brian Sears, Director | Sierra Vista Middle School Symphonic Band (Irvine, CA) | Olympus Jr. High, Roseville, CA, director Elaine Wersky | Mira Mesa High School | Clovis North Educational Center Wind Ensemble, David Lesser conductor & Granite Ridge Intermediate Symphonic Band, Jose Vargas Conductor | Zachary A. Taylor, Streator Township High School Concert Band | East Whittier Middle School Instrumental Music Program | Thomas S. Hart Middle School, Sarah McClimon and Andrew Lu, conductors | Timothy Smith, CBDA David Goedecke Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient | Stanislaus Union School District Bands – Daniel Bryan, Director | El Diamante High School Bands (Visalia, CA) | California State University, Northridge | Lyle Stubson | Branham High School | Prairie Ridge High School, Director of Bands Marykate Kuhne | San Jose State University, School of Music and Dance | Chavonta Edington | Lincoln High School | Leigh High School | Pleasant Valley High School Bands | Minnesota Junior Winds, MN | National Concert Band of America | Ramona High School Dynasty Band | Minneapolis Southwest High School, MN | Chavonta Edington | Madison West High School, WI – Kevin Rhodes, Director | Cathedral City High School Symphony Band | Los Altos High School Wind Ensemble, Ted Ferrucci, Conductor | Brandon Duras, Director; Brunswick (ME) High School | ASU Graduate Wind Conducting Alumni |


The opportunity to purchase a spot in the consortium has ended.

We look forward to premiering these pieces at CASMEC 2022, and they will be available for purchase after the premiere.