California All-State Audition Changes Specifically due to COVID

I want to quickly call your attention to some changes this year for our California All-State Honor Band Auditions so that you can best prepare for them in the coming months.

  1. High School submitted recordings– will be evaluated for ensemble placement as well as chair placements.  There will be no live audition this year.
  2. Percussionists for both JH and HS– may audition for ANY OR ALL of the following areas:
    1. Timpanist- Upload Timpani Solo and Timpani Roll
    2. Battery/Auxiliary Percussion: Upload Snare Solo, Snare Roll and for HS only- Tambourine & Cymbal Excerpts
    3. Mallet Specialist: Upload Mallet Solo & Chromatic Scale  (If a marimba is not available, any mallet instrument will be accepted.)

All detailed information will be in the Recording Instructions which will be posted soon.  Please pay careful attention to these!!